Announcing a new website: Confident4Work

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of my recent books is called Extending your use-by date: Why retirement age is only a number.

Now I’ve started a new project: Confident4Work, which is aimed at people of any age wanting to get back into the workforce after a time away from it.


I’ve also set up a separate website specifically for the project: which will run in parallel to this one.

This is another initiative in line with my interest in adult learning and development, and my belief that we can all get to where we want to be as long as we we are motivated,roadmap realistic about our goals and abilities, persistent, and properly supported.

My interest in this area was triggered by talking to people who are currently not working but hope to move back into the workforce, and also by a recent survey of 550 Australian mothers caring for children which found two-thirds of them felt their skills and qualifications were out of date.*

Not surprisingly, the research also found that confidence decreases with age.

The Confident4Work Project looks at the changing workplace, where the job opportunities are, and how women and men who have been out of the workforce for a while can maximise their chances of re-employment.

training-diagramI’m especially interested in how people might upgrade their skills and qualifications for a return to the workforce.

You can sign up for the new website at

I’m updating that one about once a week, but will also still be contributing to this one. Clicking on the ‘Follow’ button will ensure that you stay in touch with both sites.

Who knows, this might be the beginnings of another book …

Until next time

Darryl Dymock


*Get Qualified Australia survey, quoted in Anthill Magazine, Jul 7, 2016.


What writers say:

In real life, all writers are liars. Perhaps, when starting off, they all are: no real story is ever as neat as the writer tells it. ~ Clive James, ‘Latest readings’.




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