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Darryl R Dymock

I write mostly short fiction and narrative non-fiction and have been fortunate to have some short stories and a number of books published.  In my other life I’m an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in adult and vocational education at Griffith University, Brisbane, so I’ve also had quite a lot of research publications over the years.

I’m currently a Mentor in narrative non-fiction and academic writing with The Writer’s Surgery for the Queensland Writers Centre. 90-minute consultations are available face-to-face and online or via Skype.

The American educational theorist and philosopher John Dewey once wrote that “Nothing is more tragic than failure to discover one’s true business in life, or to find that one has drifted or been forced by circumstance into an uncongenial calling.”

I didn’t like school much and had mediocre results there, and it took me a while to find a career direction, in education. I’ve had eleven jobs and counting, including staff clerk, taxi driver, high school teacher, soldier, university lecturer and researcher, associate professor, deputy director in a government department, educational consultant, journal editor and writer.

I’m fortunate in never having been unemployed for very long over my working life, but I know how tough it can be for those looking for work, at whatever age.

I’m the father of four adult children whose lives have taken quite different paths, and I have seven grandchildren, and therefore also have a long-developed interest in stories for children, especially those that have a little magic or silliness in them.

In my experience, you get to where you want to be through motivation, persistence, being realistic and having the right support. I like to think that I can give a bit of that support when people need it, these days especially  with their writing .

My formal qualifications include a PhD, MEd, BEdSt, and BA, and I’m currently a registered teacher.

After working in Queensland, Papua New Guinea, England, New South Wales and South Australia, and co-raising four children, I now live in Brisbane, Queensland with my wife and my laptop.

I firmly believe you can teach an old dog new tricks, as long as the animal in question wants to learn, and I continue to push back my use-by date. So far, so good.

Recent publications 

Short story: ‘A tough little bird’ in We’ll stand In that place and other stories, edited by Michelle Cahill and published May 2019 by Margaret River Press.

Short story: ‘Melons and mudslides’ in Within/Without These Walls, edited by Melissa Fagan, Caitlin Morgan and Matthew Wengert and published 2018 by AndAlso Books, Brisbane.

Short stories

My short story, ‘The space between’, won first prize in the 2016 Roly Sussex Short Story Award, organised by the English Speaking Union (Qld).

A short fiction story, ‘Walking the line’ was the Queensland winner in a National Year of Reading competition, and another short story, ‘Out of the blue’, was selected for publication in One Book Many Brisbanes anthology No. 5.

In my own professional field of adult and vocational education, I have had several books and numerous journal articles published, based on my own and joint research, and I continue to be active in that area (right click here for a list of publications on my academic profile at Griffith University). With a background in teaching and research, I’ve written on topics as diverse as adult literacy, workplace learning, and educational history.

Other sole author books

  • A special and distinctive role: WEA Sydney 1953-2000 (Allen & Unwin, Sydney)
  • A sweet use of adversity: the Australian Army Education Service in World War II and its impact on Australian adult education (UNE Press/AAACE)
  • Community adult language, literacy and numeracy provision in Australia: Diverse approaches and outcomes (NCVER, Adelaide).

Other writing

Over the years I’ve also extended my writing talents to more whimsical endeavours, such as winning a national competition in The Australian newspaper for a Goon Show script for Federal Parliament, judged by the late Spike Milligan, and writing the winning haiku in a Sydney Morning Herald/Sydney Writers Festival competition. More recently I’ve written for the Brisbane Courier-Mail’s QWeekend magazine and the Sydney Daily Telegraph’s ‘History Page’.

Qualifications and career path

3 thoughts on “Author profile

  1. Hi Darryl, I love the blog. I am so glad that you finished the book and hope you have good news soon. I will buy a copy to go into my bookcase!

    Good Luck


  2. Hi Darryl. I have just finished “Hustling Hinkler” which was given to me by my mother as a gift Christmas last. When I saw you were a local writer I thought I would try and get a message to you and congratulate you on a job well done. I found the book a joy to read as you have a great turn of phrase. I have a general interest in aviation and had grown up with knowledge of a “local” aviator (I’m Maryborough born) who flew on the world stage. I am now much better informed about the feats of this remarkable man and I could thoroughly recommend it to a novice wanting to build a career in aviation. I’ll look out for your next venture. Best wishes, cheers Gavin

    • Thanks for the message, Gavin. I’m glad you liked ‘Hustling Hinkler’. It’s always nice as a writer to hear what readers think of a book, and very encouraging when they like what they read. Later this year I am planning to visit Bert Hinkler’s crash site in Italy, so will probably write that up on this blog.I do have another book coming out soon, and I’ll put details on this website when they’re available. Kind regards,
      Darryl Dymock

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